The 7 Steps of Software Development Case Study - Chapter VIIThe 7 Steps of Software Development Case Study - Chapter IX

The 7 Steps of Software Development Case Study - Chapter VIII

May 23rd, 2007

Previous Chapters

» Chapter I: Introduction
» Chapter II: Cast of Characters
» Chapter III: Preliminary Investigation and Analysis
» Chapter IV: Specification and Requirement Analysis
» Chapter V: Design
» Chapter VI: Coding
» Chapter VII: Testing

Chapter VIII: Deployment

Now it’s time for the program to leave the nest and find its place in the world.

Bob, the National Sales Manager, has a large nationwide client that wants the new product “NOW!” even though it’s still in testing and not due for full release for another 10-14 days. Since the commission from this sale will be huge, he talks to his boss, Stan, into getting the new product to them ahead of time. Stan says “Do what you have to do to make the sale.” Bob goes to his sports betting pal, Tim in QA, and takes an install CD from the test lab and delivers it to his very important customer.

However, Joe doesn’t know this has happened until a rep in the tech support group calls him and asks why the new product won’t install on the customer’s system. Joe says that the product shouldn’t even be shipping yet and calls the customer himself and discovers what happened. It turns out that Bob gave the customer the original defective test CD. A good replacement is sent but the customer has cooled on the product and they don’t place as big an order as had been anticipated. Bob blames IT in general and Joe specifically for the canceled orders.

Finally, the actual product is released and it gets a rather tepid response in the marketplace and from within the company. Industry blogs and trade magazines call it a weak “me too” product. Mary hates it and says that it wasn’t what she had specified. Bob warns his salespeople to be careful selling it until all of the bugs are worked if they want to keep their customers happy. Stan and Phil question Brian on why the project went so badly and why the upgrade to the key company product, Joe’s previous product, is having so many problems. Brian makes it clear what the connection is between the two (Joe) and promises to take care of him and any other non-productive and incompetent people in his department.

At last, it’s time for the program to go into maintenance mode and for the department to do a post-mortum on how well the project went and to make any corrections. Can you guess who will get corrected? Read about it in Chapter IX: Maintenance.

Following Chapters

» Chapter IX: Maintenance
» Chapter X: Aftermath and Comments

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