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Link Round-Up for 9/27/07

September 27th, 2007

Links that make you think, not stinkHere are some of the interesting links I ran across this week:

Software Development Links
Abhijit Nadgouda wrote this piece, It Is Really About You, Not The Tool, that ties in well with some of the things I’ve said in my articles. I agree with his point, “It is never about the tools, it is always about you and the solution”

Over at Java Lobby Jason posted this article, 7 Top Tips for Quality Java Software. Most of his 7 tips are also applicable to .NET development as well.

Daniel Versteegh asks an important question, Is it possible for a small company to switch their development language? While he’s not talking .NET but Java and Erlang, his comments do apply well to what we see with the VB6 vs. VB.NET problem.

Ian Suttle had me worried a minute with this article, 8 Traits for Being Mr. Right Engineer, when it seemed to set the perfection level a little too high for most humans but he clarified his position. He has good advice as long as Lumbergh isn’t your boss’ name and the “Bobs” aren’t consulting at your company.

Programming Job Interviews and Other Related Links

I’ve published a number articles on this topic recently but I’ve not been the only one.

Andrew Wulf has this interesting article called Interview Technique: A Topdown Approach. I like his idea about picking an item from a candidate’s resume and asking them to give you the details about it. I’ve tried this one a few times and it’s worked well.

Jay Fields plays a hand of interview poker in his post entitled Semi-bluffing your interview. However, he doesn’t say what to do when you get dealt aces and eights at an interview.

Steve Yegge has some good resume tips in this article: Ten Tips for a (Slightly) Less Awful Resume.

.NET Links

I’m going to wind things up with a few neat .NET articles.

Here are some neat tips for the VS IDE: 11 Visual Studio 2005 IDE Tips and Tricks to Make You a More Productive Developer. It’s centered around C# but many of the tips work in VB.NET too.

The Open Source .NET Application Generator project looks interesting. I haven’t had time yet to really examine it yet but I plan to soon.

That’s all for this week. Let me know if you read anything interesting that I should know about by leaving me a comment.

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