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VB.NET Interview Questions #1

Test Your Brain PowerA short while ago I wrote this article, How To Conduct a VB.NET Job Interview, that described how I thought a good VB.NET job interview should be done. However, I didn’t include any actual interview questions. But, based on some emails and some observations, it seems that some people who’ve found this article via search engines would like some practice questions. So, I’ve decided to start writing a weekly series with interview questions that you can practice with or even use in your own interviews. Note I’m not a big fan of trivia quiz interviews so I’m going to include some open-ended ones as well.

Feel free to add a comment with your answers. Try to answer them before looking at the comments or searching MSDN or Google for an extra challenge.

True or False

For ‘extra credit’, explain your answer

1. A HatchBrush object is used to draw paintbrush style lines.
2. A Try block does not require a Catch handler.
3. Events are based on Delegates.
4. An “is-a” relationship is implemented by composition.
5. CInt is part of the Microsoft.VisualBasic Namespace.

General Questions

1. What protocol is used to send Web Service messages?
2. What is the difference between a Stack and a Queue?
3. If a method is declared as Shared which class members can it access?
4. What .NET type should be used for currency calculations and why?
5. How would you load an XML file into a DataSet?

Open Ended Questions

1. You are given the task of designing a class to work with a frequent shopper “smart card” in a point-of-sale system. The requirements tell you that the card data feed will contain the following information:

  • Account ID - 32 numeric only characters
  • Account PIN - 8 numeric only characters
  • Customer Name - 128 characters
  • Street Address - 128 characters
  • City - 64 characters
  • State - 2 characters
  • Zip Code - 9 characters
  • Phone Number - 32 characters
  • Last Date/Time of Use - yyyymmddhhmmss formatted string
  • Expiration Date - yyyymmdd formatted string
  • Purchases - A string that contains up to 500, 16 character, transaction IDs

What methods do you think should be included in your class? What do you think your properties would look like? How would you approach this design? What questions do you think you should ask about the requirements and the design?

2. You are asked to design backend processing classes for a series of mini-web sites promoting new products by your company. You do not have to be concerned at all about the site design. Someone else will handle that. All you need to design is a way to feed unformatted product description text data to the front end and accept user registration data back from the front end. In general terms, describe the approach you would take.

Have fun with these and let me know what you think about them by leaving a comment or answering the questions.

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9 comments September 21st, 2007

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