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Welcome to my Visual Basic Notebook archive site. The information presented here comes from over 12 years of developing applications in VB1 through VB6 and from answering VB questions online as a Microsoft MVP in Visual Basic from 1994 through 2004. Here you'll find my downloadable code examples and graphics, my function library, my articles on VB programming as well as programming in general, and links to various VB and programming websites that I've found useful. You can return to my main site by clicking here.

The information found here is simple and straight forward and is primarily geared toward the novice VB Classic programmer or the intermediate VB'er who wants to increase their knowledge. Some of the articles are simply my opinions and aren't necessarily the best or only way to accomplish something, just a way to do it.

Since I'm no longer a Microsoft MVP and in the process of learning .NET, I don't plan to do any extensive updates to the information presented here. I'm planning on adding new .NET content in the near future.

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